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Insertion of advertising dependant on:
destinations (all or selected ones), routes (all or selected ones), stops (all or selected ones), time (always or dependant on date, day of the week, time of day and length of advertisement in seconds), Timetable
Sequence overview as an entry list
Import possibilities from third-party timetable programs upon request
Insertion of graphics in the following formats:
*.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif
Insertion of advertising movies in the following formats: *.avi, *.mpeg. Codecs this, you will get from us
Picture preview feature
Data can be loaded onto SRAM card
Language German / English (different language versions available upon request)

The INFOtainment System from LAWO is the result of the consistent further development of the systems typically currently in use to deliver route and next stop information to passengers during travel. It informs passengers not only about the next stop, transfer information and route traveled, but can also be employed by the operator to insert advertisements.

Passengers receive actual information while the bus operator generates additional income through advertising. Such a system pays for itself within a short period of time. In addition to route information, general information, such as pictures of the next stop and time and position-dependant advertising inserts, can be displayed. The organization of the on-screen presentation (e.g. fonts, colors, type of information or object position on the screen) can be freely configured. InfoTED® was developed for this purpose. It is compatible with all Windows variations (Window 7 version on reguest). InfoTED® makes the precise combination of routes, destinations and stops with advertising inserts in picture-form possible in a simple and straight-forward manner.

The advertising inserts can either always be displayed or, dependant on time, day of the week and date, be assigned specific routes, destinations or stops. The picture preview feature makes the selection of graphics easier.

Detailed information about the LAWO InfoTED® available by calling: Tel. +49-7222-1001-0
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