TFT interior display | INFOtainment STRETCHED LARGE


One is better than two

Two become one: With the LAWO TFT/LCD Stretched Monitor Large, two monitors become one because you can divide and organise the advertisements and passenger information on the Full-HD-Screen entirely according to your wishes. And you are not limited to the horizontal – the monitor can also be mounted vertically. You can decide between an external and an integrated on-board Box PC.

Regardless where the on-board Box-PC is located, the monitor is simply linked to your central CMS or XML software environment via Wi-Fi. A USB stick gives you a direct connection to the rest of the world. This makes child’s play of upgrades and the screening of INFOtainment. And there is an optional extra available – a UMTS module enables up-to-theminute information notices and data transfer directly from your control centre.


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  • Design solutions
  • INFOtainment
    in the bus and rail


  • Full-HD TFT/LED Display 1,920 x 610 in SMART-Design stainless steel (AI-Profile)
  • Replaces two monitors in passenger areas
  • Flexible arrangement allows for optimum use of the display surface
  • Option of integrated PC (on-board computer) and USB connection
  • Wi-Fi connection on external Box PC/on-board system
  • UMTS module optional
  • Video compatible
  • “Think Green” LED back lighting (low energy consumption, fewer pollutants, increased life-span, sustainability)
  • INFOtainment-compatible via BOX PC (e.g. LAWO’s “ProSys” Box PC with IBIS, RS485,
    RS422, RS232 and Ethernet interfaces)
  • Horizontal or vertical integration into the vehicle (different form factor)