LED destination displays | FUTURA


New generation of FUTURA destination signs

LAWO’s brand new generation of FUTURA bus destination signs is designed to the highest standards to provide greatest reliability and ROI to customers.

The innovative FUTURA sign with SMD-LEDs is not only extremely lightweight but also extraordinarily slim and can therefore be positioned and installed with ease inside the vehicle, especially when free hanging installation is required. The FUTURA sign offers further significant benefits, for example, very low power consumption. This leads to lower fuel consumption and a noticeable reduction in operating costs.

The compactness of the FUTURA sign and its features such as automatic sign identification and an optional diagnostics system simplify not only installation and handling, but also configuration and serviceability.

The highly attractive FUTURA sign is available in monochrome amber or white. The colour configuration can be adapted to the customer’s needs as different colour panels can be mixed in one sign with no hardware modification.

Innovative, environmentally conscious, user-friendly and easy to read – FUTURA destination signs take passenger information to a new level.


Detailed information about the LAWO FUTURA models available from :
Tel. +49-7222-1001-0



  • Ultra light: up to 50% weight reduction compared to existing signs.
  • Ultra slim: flexible installation options thanks to the extremely flat housing with rounded end pieces (optional). Very little space required.
  • Energy efficient: greatly reduced power consumption thanks to highly efficient LEDs.
  • Low life cycle cost (LCC) and green focus: reduced fuel consumption and reduced
    operating costs thanks to lower weight and power consumption.
  • Perfect readability even in difficult conditions thanks to bright LEDs and a large viewing
  • State-of-the-art electrical design: SMD-LEDs with optional diagnostics system.