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Next stop, “The Future”

The driver’s goal is clear: Get rid of individual operating units for passenger information systems and control it by one single control device. The perfect solution: One easy-to-operate control device for everything, complete with all the necessary interfaces for the vehicle, and that can quickly be fed with current data, information and announcements.

LAWO’s TOUCH-Control is a step in this direction: currently, TOUCH-Control is one of the most comfortable and modern driver control devices available. It has a full-colour sensor surface for the control of On-Board-PI-systems. The intuitively operated GUI is simple to handle. And the future has already been integrated...

Optionally it is also be possible to operate the onboard computer with TOUCH-Control. For example, from LAWO’s new onboard computer, ProSys, that combines the digital and analogue PI worlds. Together with various features that have been retained, including LAWO exterior displays, LAWO TFT/LED monitors and the other LAWO control modules and displays that allow for audio-visual passenger information, TOUCH-Control takes it a step further, making up a complete system consisting of the on-board computer, control device and display.


For detailed information about the LAWO TOUCH-Control,  please contact:
Tel. +49-7222-1001-0

  • LAWO TOUCH-Control


  • Driver control device for operation of the PI systems (currently for the control of exterior displays – an on-board computer connection will soon be available
  • IP/Ethernet interface
  • 24Bit full colour touch-screen with 16,7 million colours
  • USB interface
  • Embedded LINUX operating system for the use of centralised XML data format
  • Safety class IP64
  • Low power consumption
  • Extremely robust