Guiding passengers


Provide guidance, information and entertainment from a single source. Your needs as a customer is our guideline - and we know that these requirements can be very specific. Therefore, our products have all features which allow the use in almost any environment possible. At the same time, we design our system components in a way we can meet your wishes, with the respective functions. This ensures that you get the most powerful and most economical system for your company...

You have the challenge - we have the solution:

absatz_2  Planning, designing, installing, commissioning and care for complete passengeinformation systems

absatz_2  Mobile and stationary LED, LCD, Rollerblind and Flip-Dot displays in different sizes and designs

absatz_2  In vehicles: on-board computers and software for control purposes, including trafficlight preemption and switch control

absatz_2  Digital voice announcement systems

absatz_2  Full-graphic-capable multimedia timetable displays in combination with publicity and event displays

absatz_2  Control center software, suitable for every system with the appropriate computers, can be operated from several locations