Environmental policy

Environmental protection is a natural part of our company policy. Our awareness of that affects our daily actions in all areas of the company. The care and the continuous improvement of environmental protection have to guarantee the safety of humans and the environment and ensure the long-term existence of our enterprise.

Effective environment protection means to us:

Optimal use
of energy, water and raw materials.

of environment pollution caused by emissions, sewage, soil pollution and waste.

Technical and organizational measures
for labor and environment protection and plant safety.

Training of staff
to improve the sense of responsibility for the environment.

Improvement of good public relation
by exchange of information.

For implementation of these objectives we go beyond the framework of legal provisions to a more proactive environmental management and strive for holistic thinking and action.

Environmental objectives

In accordance with the environmental policy and to continual improvement, environmental objectives and the description of an environmental program for the realization of the objectives are planned each year. For this, responsible persons for assessment of environmental objectives, development of the environmental program and the realization of objectives are appointed.

The establishment and adjustment of the environmental objectives must be made annually, taking into account the results of environmental audits, the development of the statutory provisions and the annual

Notwithstanding the proposed environmental objectives and programs there may be unforeseeable circumstances leading to changing the plan. For example:

• administrative directives

• economic circumstances

• new findings / techniques

Environmental aspects

To determine the significant environmental aspects, the following points are considered at LAWO Informationssysteme GmbH:

• emissions into air

• sewage disposal

• waste management

• soil contamination

• use of raw materials and natural resources

• local environmental and community issues

• products and activitiesiso_umwelt_spotlight