About us

LAWO is one of the pioneers in the production of full-display systems and pioneer in new developments in the mobile passenger information.

In 1985, LAWO was one of the first manufacturers of full matrix destination displays to enter the market.

In cooperation with its affiliates, Axion, BMGMIS, Focon, Gorba, Luminator, Mobitec and TwinVisionLAWO is a global supplier for passenger information systems.

Today LAWO reflects on more than 25 years of development and experience and is one of the few companies that offers all currently available display technologies. LED, LCD, Flip-Dot and rollerblind.

Meanwhile the passengers of more than 1.100 transport companies worldwide use LAWO information in different languages. This applies to public transport and private transport companies.

LAWO products are exclusively developed in Germany and are subject to the strict requirements of the ISO 9001/KBA and ISO 14001 standard. Our systems apply the current bus and rail standards.

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The Luminator Technology Group is the association  of 8 companies, which together stand for a modern and creative passenger information in different sections of public transport.